Innovation with impact Helsinki

What we are

Epicenter is a Digital House of Innovation located in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and in Amsterdam. At Epicenter, members are invited to innovate alongside the world’s fastest growing digital companies and creative corporate initiatives. Within Epicenter, local and international entrepreneurs and companies meet to collaborate, learn and grow their businesses.

Epicenter runs hands on innovation labs, helping fast growing companies accelerate their growth through space, knowledge, programs and methods.

The conception and development of Epicenter is based on the founding team’s extensive knowledge in building companies designed to create innovation with impact. Epicenter is partly managed by growth experts Result and leading digital knowledge event Sime.


Epicenter acts both as a commercial engine and as a role model in its chosen markets. Our mission is to establish Epicenter House of Innovation in the key digital hotspots of the world.


We believe in a better world in which digitalization develops people and societies.